2019 Citizens of the Year

Tony and Linda Masciadri

Tony and Linda Masciadri, the Old Hallowell Day Citizens of the Year for 2019, have volunteered so much for the city of Hallowell and its various organizations it would almost be simpler to list what they haven't done.

Born and raised in Hallowell, where he is now the third generation owner of the century-old monument business that bears his grandfather's name, Tony has over the years served on various city committees as well as ballot clerk and warden, City Councilor, and Mayor. For decades, Tony and Linda have been members of the City of Hallowell Cemetery Committee, and officers of the Hallowell Centennial Burial Ground Association, Inc.

Linda left a banking career to start her own business, Masciadri Accounting, in 1981. But she still has found time to serve over the years on the City of Hallowell Community Development Committee and on the boards of Row House, Inc., Old Fort Western, and the Hubbard Free Library. Linda has provided accounting and payroll services to the latter for almost three decades, and has volunteered as Treasurer of the Old Hallowell Day Committee since 2014.

Hallowell has inevitably changed over the years, the Masciadris note, but the city has retained its character and appeal, they say, thanks in large part to the volunteer efforts of so many generous and civic-minded citizens. It's certainly a way of life for the Masciadris: "When you notice something that's needed, get involved and make it happen."  

Past Citizens of the Year

  • 2017 Burt Truman
  • 2016 Bob McIntire
  • 2015 Larry Davis
  • 2014 Kay Shepherd
  • 2013 Janis M. Cross
  • 2012 Al Hague
  • 2011 Richard Bachelder
  • 2010 Roger "Bucky" Lord
  • 2009 Gerald Mahoney
  • 2008 Katy Perry
  • 2007 Richard Hayes
  • 2006 Carolyn Manson
  • 2005 Fred Wingate
  • 2004 Jane Harvey
  • 2003 Harmon Harvey
  • 2002 Alice Buck
  • 2001 Robert Shepherd
  • 2000 Deanna Hallett
  • 1999 Arthur Moore
  • 1998 Frances Wingate
  • 1997 Allen Strickland
  • 1996 Sumner "Sam" Webber
  • 1995 Barry Timson
  • 1994 Shirley MacKay
  • 1993 Robert Stubbs
  • 1992 Diana Gibson
  • 1991 Katherine Snell
  • 1990 Marvelle Webber
  • 1989 Roland Marquis
  • 1988 Dom Blodgett
  • 1987 John Babbitt
  • 1986 Virginia Diplock
  • 1985 Leon Tebbetts
  • 1984 Grace Blake Maxwell
  • 1983 M. Arthur Boynton
  • 1982 Donald Huff
  • 1982 Carl Aldrich
  • 1980 Michele Falconi
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