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Welcome to our gallery of Old Hallowell prints from past and present. Stop by the Old Hallowell Day Committee booth at the foot of Central Street on Old Hallowell Day to purchase prints or visit Renaissance Gallery in Farmingdale, 685 Maine Ave., phone: 207-623-3575.

2022 - "The Tiger" by Keith Peters

Old Hallowell Day 2022 Poster, The Tiger by Keith Peters

The Tiger  -- the Hallowell Fire Department’s 1836 hand pumper fire engine -- is the subject ofthe 2022 Old Hallowell Day painting, artfully rendered by Keith Peters.  

Growing up in central Maine, Keith took an early interest in both nature and art.  “I developed a close kinship with the natural world as a child,” he recalls. Working in watercolor, acrylics, graphite, and pen and ink, his art evolved as he created images found in the world around him. As an established artist, Keith’s work reflects his passion for creating highly detailed scenes ranging from the Maine coast to the well-worn contents of an old toolbox.

Another specialty is antique and vintage vehicles. Working in acrylic paints, he employs a bold color palette and a fluid, yet meticulously detailed style that captures the mood and essence of years gone by. The Hallowell Fire Department’s Tiger hand pumper fire engine presented a perfect subject for Keith’s masterful rendering. “The Tiger is quite a treasure,” Keith declares of the remarkably well-preserved apparatus, with its gleaming brass and its quaint leather hoses. The hand pumper was retired from active firefighting service in 1880, when it was replaced by “modern” horsedrawn equipment. Fortunately, the venerable old Tiger has been preserved to this day by the Hallowell Fire Department.  

A member of the Hall-Dale class of 1972, Keith earned a BFA in graphic design from the Maine College of Art in Portland, and then studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. His illustrations have appearedin several major magazines and regularly on billboards he designed for placement across the southwestern United States. He now works in publishing, graphic design, writing and painting at his home studio in Farmingdale. Since 1990, Keith has been the publisher of the Community Advertiser, a local newspaper founded in 1938 and delivered weekly to residents of central Maine communities from Manchester to Fayette and Leeds.

Keith has always enjoyed Old Hallowell Day, taking special interest in perusing the arts and crafts booths, and taking in the evening fireworks and the festivities. He looks forward to seeing old friends and new faces this Old Hallowell Day, in his role as the poster artist. Keith will be signing commemorative poster prints of his OHD 2022 artwork on Thursday evening (when you can stop by and see the actual Tiger engine on display, thanks to the Hallowell Fire Department!) as well as on Saturday, after the parade.

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