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Welcome to our gallery of Old Hallowell prints from past and present. Stop by the Old Hallowell Day Committee booth at the foot of Central Street on Old Hallowell Day to purchase prints or visit Renaissance Gallery in Farmingdale, 685 Maine Ave., phone: 207-623-3575.

2019 - Nancy Keenan Barron

Nancy Keenan Barron is the Old Hallowell Day artist this year. A South Gardiner resident, she grew up in Farmingdale, graduating from Hall-Dale in 1984. She forged many more local connections during her seven year tenure at the Kennebec Valley Art Association's Harlow gallery, where she began in 2007 as a volunteer gallery sitter, then took a position as the gallery's Program Director, and eventually served as Assistant Director. A self-taught artist, sculptor and maker, she is currently an Artist Mentor working with, and being constantly inspired by, adults with disabilities at Spindleworks in Brunswick. She is also showing her work at Studio 53 in Boothbay.

Nancy's original Old Hallowell Day painting, entitled 'Hallowell on Parade,' is rendered in vibrant acrylics on a 24" square birch panel. Her approach to the challenge of creating the 2019 Old Hallowell Day was personal: based on archival photos of the parade and its many colorful participants as well as her own memories and impressions, from decades ago to the present. As a youngster she loved hanging out downtown after school and perusing the junk shops, and visiting her grandmother who lived at the Cotton Mill.  And she actually played the flute as a teenager in the Hallowell Community Band.

How does Nancy Keenan Barron paint? Spontaneously. "I usually start with no plan. It evolves as the process goes along." You are sure to spot familiar scenes, and perhaps someone you know, or maybe even yourself, represented in 'Hallowell on Parade'.

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