2024 Music Schedule

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12:00pm The Dani Tribesmen

2:00  Wild Oats

3:30 Chris Poulson and the Social Club

5:30 The Boneheads                  

7:30 Hallowell Does 1973

About the Musicians

The Dani Tribesmen 

Dave Gagne and The Tribesmen have been Maine’s most loved reggae band for nearly 40 years! Their weekly Summer Sunday Cruise out of Boothbay Harbor is legendary throughout New England. This Old Hallowell Day come dance away your cares (without fear of falling overboard).

Wild Oats

Flashback to the 1990’s as the Wild Oats reunite to celebrate over 25 years of relative obscurity… A unique mix of acoustic & electric, dancing rhythm, spacey jams and 3-part harmony, The Oats will play original music from their eponymous album and a few choice cover songs for your enjoyment.

Chris Poulson and The Social Club

Central Maine musician and producer, Chris Poulson, will perform a jazzy folk set with her friends in The Social Club ~ With Chris on vocals, guitar and flute, Lefty McAuslin on Sax, Frank Dionne on Piano, Andy Buckland on Bass and Dick Hollison on Drums.

The Boneheads 

In the early 1990s, The Boneheads took shape as a result ofthe Monday Night Jams at our beloved Kennebec Wharf. Sadly, The Wharf is nolonger with us but The Boneheads carry on the sound of that special place. Come join us as we pay tribute to the “Greatest Dive Bar in The World”.

Hallowell Does 1973

Once again the musicians of Hallowell come together to celebrate the music of 50 years ago. Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and BruceSpringsteen are just a few of the artists to be featured in this year’s show!

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