9 pm - The Grand Finale! Fireworks will be set off from the Kennebec River right in front of Hallowell. The fireworks will be presented by Central Maine Pyrotechnics. Bring the whole family…it’s a delightful way to cap off Old Hallowell Day.

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Colossal Colossus

  • Happy Birthday Elizabeth Summers! ‘Cause baby, you’re a firework! Love Mommy & Daddy
  • Welcoming new patients for traditional osteopathic manipulation at Osteopathic Healthcare of Hallowell. Visit –Dr. Rachel Burke
  • Salute to all the mutts in Hallowell (especially those on leashes!) –Murphy and Mojo
  • In Memory of our loving Dad, Mom and Suzie –Ken & Eric Nason
  • Miss sitting in your patio Sarah & Bobby –Barbara A. Rohrbaugh
  • Happy Old Hallowell Day to everyone! –Leanne Timberlake
  • Best wishes for a wonderful summer –Roger & Carol Pomerleau
  • Dedicated to Rebecca, Hannah & Matthew Race Perry; Sydney, Cole, Abby & Emma Perry; Grace, Marinn & Sawyer Perry and Jacob Young –Eric & Pam Perry
  • Caelan, all who love you are “guided by the illumination of the remembered radiance” (H. Thurman) –Hilary Neckles & George Lapointe
  • In loving memory for Dotti, who will forever be in our hearts –Love, Slates family & friends

Monster Star

  • Thank you for Recycling @ North Bay – or at least thinking about it – North Bay Recycling Center
  • In loving memory for Dotti, who will forever be in our hearts – Love, Slates family & friends
  • To Chris Cart – your mural is spectacular! Thank you!! – Your Hallowell friends

Big Blow Up

  • It’s your FAVORITE day Barry! – Margot Sullivan
  • Happy Old Hallowell Day – Jane and Jim
  • Happiness is a New Fire Station, a new Fire Truck and Mighty Fire Fighters – Don & Monique Caron
  • To celebrate and enjoy our great, little city! – Tim Cyr & Rich Bothfeld
  • Dedicated to my lovely wife, Donna Davis – Larry Davis

Big Boy/Big Bang

  • Happy Birthday Mallory! – Love, Mom and Dad
  • Happy Birthday Ian! – Love, Mom & Dad
  • To Patti Burnett, a staple of Water Street! We will miss you and Dom’s Barbershop – Your Hallowell friends

Tiger Tail

  • Hallowell Scooter Trash – Ride On! – Larry Davis
  • In loving memory for Dotti, who will forever be in our hearts – Love, Slates family & friends

Red Heart

  • In memory of our fur baby, Sadie – Jake & Amber Stoddard
  • In memory of Mary Masciadri Santulli – The Young family
  • Let’s make a fresh start today! – Martin Spahn
  • In memory of Janis Moore Cross – The Young family
  • ESTEAM SALON! A miracle on Water Street – Pola Buckley & Robert Rocheleau
  • In memory of Harm and Jane Harvey – The Young family
  • To all the great and wonderful characters who made Hallowell special - Allen, Wes, Dot, George, Barry, Timmy, Olga, Jim, Fred, Jean, Kathy, Karen, Shirley, Dotti, Liz – Larry & Donna Davis
  • If you’re too weird for Hallowell, then you are too weird! – Larry Davis
  • In memory of Harry and Cindy McPherson – The Young family
  • In loving memory for Dotti, who will forever be in our hearts – Love, Slates family & friends
  • In memory of Joe Masciadri – The Young family

Mickey Mouse

  • In loving memory of Hadlee Grace – Jake & Amber Stoddard
  • Congratulations on a successful celebration – Cox Memorial United Methodist Church
  • Sam Flynn - Best Island Girl! – Larry & Donna Davis
  • Remy McKeown “The Boy King” – Larry & Donna Davis
  • Charlie The Charmer! – Larry & Donna Davis
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